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Forgive me reader, for I have sinned

Forgive me reader, for I have sinned.Many years ago (well three and a bit to be more precise), I did a very stupid thing.I voted leave in the Brexit referendum.It is not something I am proud of, and as soon as the leave result even looked likely I was already wishing that I could have changed my vote.So some explanation/ penance is due to every other person on the entire planet for forcing all this rubbish on then on an almost daily basis for the last 1,168 days (and counting).If you have read my previous posts about Brexit (, or, you may be surprised that I voted this way.
It’s not completely my fault, (says he trying to cover his tracks).The politicians and every bit of media discussion on the vote seemed to be saying that remain votes would be the overwhelming majority. I don’t mind the EU, frankly who thinks about government on a regular…

Walking away from happiness?

If you have read some of the other posts hereabouts, then you will know that we enjoy  walking.While the fresh air, scenery and exercise are the good parts of this, there are things and people that you will come across on any path that are downright stupid or just plain annoying.A few of my pet hates are below in no particular order.By the end of this, you should be able to picture me in full grumpy old man mode, red faced and fuming.
Dog walkers who don’t pick up after their pets.I’d rather be free to look at the scenery when walking rather than constantly watching where I’m placing my next step like I’m in some sort of minefield.This problem seems to escalate during the dark days of winter.The path is less well used at that time of year, hinting that there must be some owners who only pick up when they think someone else is watching.Thanks assholes! A related problem are the dog owners who pick up, but then immediately drop the bag. I have seen bags dropped like this 20 feet from a b…