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A Dirty Little Secret?

This thought ties back in part to an article I wrote earlier:

At present, we are being sold the myth that if we all swap to some sort of electric car, then personal transportation will continue into the future, just in a quieter and less polluting form.Don’t believe this!Cars have at least one dirty little secret that the environmentalists have not yet talked about, and it alone may signal the end of mass car ownership.
There are currently 38.7 million cars in the UK and 2.68 million in the Republic of Ireland.According to google, UK motorists cover an average 7900 miles annually while their Irish counterparts drive further with a 10,500 mile annual average.Now consider the tyres on all of these vehicles.If tyres are replaced at around the 30, 000 mile mark my quick calculation estimates that we are using about 11.1 million car tyres in the UK and Ireland every year.OK, these old tyres are recycled, but w…

Imagine 1911 - Ireland was still wholly part of the British Empire, and before Titanic had left Belfast!

I bought this magazine years ago, simply out of interest.  The way we were over a century ago makes interesting reading, not least when you look at the advertisements. It was a couple of quid well spent.  I thought it was about time I shared it with the world.  There will be photos of peoples ancestors in it that may well never have been seen.  The old adverts show that things like having a clutch on your motorcycle was a new and wonderful invention (page 5 and others)!  The travel stories are real gems too, like the twelve Ben's story on page 35. 

Just to show how small a place the world has become, have a look on page 21, where the Royal Hotel, Valencia, (This is a typo.  It should be Valentia), advertises that it is 'only' sixteen and a half hours from London.  Incidentally, according to Google, the hotel is still there, and the pictures of it even still look like the ones in this magazine (

No pages are missing from these scans, but a se…