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Brexit Revisited

I still hold to my comments published in my first Brexit post (see: still the debacle rolls on.Frankly, nearly 3 years on from the referendum, the whole shambles is becoming downright embarrassing.I have used the picture below on my first post, but it is worth repeating.

So a few more points.

Good old Teresa is still sticking fast to her no second vote stance, despite the current shambles.I know that a small majority voted leave, but really, how much worse is it to be governed by Brussels than by the current occupants of Westminster, especially after they have proved themselves so incapable of running anything over the last few years?Here in good old ‘Norn Iron’, we have the additional joy of having politicians that have been absent from Stormont for years but who are still getting paid!It’s nice to know that all the important issues they are supposed to deal with are such a priority for them. A quick…