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Meanwhile at the end of the glen….

It’s good to live in a place that actually gives you pleasure.   Somewhere where there is space, scenery and clean air; somewhere good for the soul.   As I said in the last (tangential) piece, ours lies on the shore of Belfast Lough, at the end of a short wooded glen near our home.   Officially the whole walk is 16 miles in length, from Holywood to Donaghadee (or vice versa).   The Walk Ni site has details of this and a load of other good walks province wide: It's hard to beat a good sunset.  This is looking West, towards Belfast further up the lough. It is pretty much all good, with only a few short sections on road.   The vast majority is paved, although a few sections are narrow where the path rounds a rocky headland or two.   There are also a few sandy beaches to cross.   That said, since it is at sea level, there are no major hills unless walkers get side-tracked along the way.   Wildlife abounds.   For examp


Welcome to Old Ireland.   My initial idea for this site was to cover only classic vehicles, but since was already taken and the best alternative I could find was this one, my thoughts for the site began to broaden.   A lot of the inspiration for this comes from the few magazines for which I have written articles.   Let’s get these mentioned early, because you should not be surprised to see a little of their influence here.   Real Classic is subscription only in print, but also has an excellent site at , where Frank, Rowena and a host of writers entertain and inspire.   Then there is Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly, formerly in print monthly, but now only on line at / (unfortunately now obsolete.  You will need to use the Wayback machine to find it).   MMM’s archives could keep you reading happily for months, and the like it or not truths told by Thomas Day (Geezer with a grudge: see his own site at http://geez