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Happy 125th Birthday...or perhaps not?

 I saw this link on the VMCC site but thought it was worth passing on.  The very first UK speeding ticket was handed out 125 years ago yesterday, (28th January).  The reckless driver who received it was breaking the 2mph speed limit!! Enjoy.

One thing leads to another.

Last summer, that wonderful locked down one, my wife parked her car in the road in front of our house while I was cutting the grass close by. Our neighbour across the street then clipped it while reversing out of her driveway leaving a small crease in the door of our MX5. Damn! Still, these things happen and the crease was neither very big or very deep. Yet when we got a few quotes some, from the bigger body shops that handle only insurance claims, were astronomical (over £1000 for that little ding!!), and they wanted to replace the whole door rather than to simply fix it. Fortunately, there is a local business that specialises in MX5’s (East Engineering) located further down the Ards Paninsula in a small industrial complex beside the Kirkistown race track, so we went to him. If you want to see his work, check out some of the videos on his Facebook page. East Engineering Mazda MX5 Parts - Home | Facebook If you look hard enough, you should still find one showing chassis repai

Bloody Amazon

Bloody Hell!! We have just had yet another delivery from Amazon for Rebecca at an address about 2 miles from here. There have been loads of them since just before Christmas. I have had 3 long, long talks to Amazon's customer services, we have personally delivered two parcels, and we have caught a load of their drivers before they left the scene, but this is the last time we are going to even try to set things right. From now on, if Amazon care to leave stuff on our doorstep that is not for us, we are going to keep it, as per their customer services instructions. The driver today said that the sat nav leads them here, and they deliver, despite neither the road name or the post code being correct. Amazon are obviously incapable of learning, and I am sick of trying to teach them.