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That’s entertainment?

So Snow Patrol had a gig in the park at my home town in Bangor last weekend.   Firstly, let me admit that I probably do not fit the demographic for an event like this so these comments are just a gripe from an old git whose opinions are completely out of date and don’t matter anyway.   I have no problem with Snow Patrol; I even like some of their music and once upon a time bought some of their stuff on CD.   I even quite like some of the music of Grandad’s favourite singer ( who made an impromptu appearance at the concert.   This gripe is not specifically about Snow Patrol, it is way more general than that. Tickets for these shows are expensive, especially when you get perhaps an hour or so of the band you actually came to see.   The rest are just filler and can be seen in much more intimate venues for much less cash.   Add to that that the crowds at these shows are vast, so that you will probably end up watching the show at a

A few non-Irish jokes

Everyone likes a joke don't they?  Disclaimer:  I make no claim that these are tasteful! Enjoy. ________________________ Just got off the phone to my mate, he said he'd spent the best part of yesterday unblocking a toilet - amazing, what was the rest of the day like if that were the best bit?   They say it's impossible for a woman to change her man. That's not entirely true. When I married my wife, she turned me into a miserable sad bugger.   I need your advice.   I’ve been offered 8 legs of venison at £10 a piece.   Do you think that’s too deer?   Two Mexican detectives were investigating the murder of Juan Gonzalez. 'How was he killed?' asked one detective. 'With a golf gun,' the other detective replied. 'A golf gun! What is a golf gun?' 'I don't know. But it sure made a hole in Juan.'   A man is recovering from surgery when the Surgical Nurse appears and asks him how he is

Learning by accident.

You know how it goes.   After the evening rush of fighting the traffic, grabbing a coffee, walking the dog and seeing to her needs, then raiding the kitchen cupboards to make a half way nourishing meal, you finally get to sit down in front of the telly and relax.   My long suffering wife, Trish cuddled up beside me, and the dog (Tilly) was doing her usual ‘upside down is comfortable’ thing in her bed at the side of the sofa.   All was right with the world except for the crap on the telly; 57 channels and nothing on (spot the music reference).   Time to turn it off then, by which time Trish was asleep, pinning me to the corner of the sofa. It seemed a shame to disturb Trish, so I enjoyed sitting in this picture of domestic peace and bliss for as long as I could.   Unfortunately the next day was a working day, so eventually I had to extricate myself from the sofa to go and do the dishes.   I wanted a little entertainment while doing this so I switched on the radio (quiet

You are a hard bunch to please.

The post on here with the largest number of hits is the Irish jokes one, and all I did for it was trawl a few jokes sites.  It was posted ages ago, but still gets quite a few hits. Other stories on here like the links to our history (WW1, Civil War, love and emigration) of the old Rolex that my Mum was given as a teenager ( ) barely got a hit at all, neither did my comments on what I know about Belfast's most famous bar (The Crown: ).  No comments, no feedback; nothing.  It is difficult to know what to write, but then again, perhaps I should take this as a judgement and just shut up? Any thoughts?