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Walking back to Happiness

This pic shows Tilly on the costal path neat our home

Sometimes life closes in on you.Trish and I haven’t travelled abroad for a good few years now, nor have we been on the motorcycle adventures that we both used to enjoy.This is one reason why so many of the travel stories you are likely to see here are a little dated.Still, although we occasionally look at the pictures of exotic places with envy, life is good.
There are two main causes for our lack of travel.The first is Tilly, our loveable but somewhat dim mutt. I doubt that she was treated well until she came to us about 9 years ago.Certainly, she was not well fed, since decent food saw her put on around 3Kg in her first month or so of living with us.Neither was she walked. When she first arrived, even very short walks made the soft pads of her paws red and raw.Her actions too pointed towards misbehaviour being her only source of getting attention.Getting her into some sort of routine took a lot of time and patience.She is still a l…