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Like Turkeys voting for Christmas.

  I haven't commented on politics for a while even though there is so much to talk about.  Sorry, but I can’t resist this. One name at the moment conjures up all sorts of comments and chaos: Liz Truss. I had thought of commenting on her during her campaign to be elected leader of the Tories, but I really didn't expect her to win.  For the short of memory, her campaign promises centred around free market policies that went out with the ark, (well; with Maggie Thatcher anyway).   According to Liz, giving the rich more money by cutting taxes and removing regulations would lead to increased investment which would lead to more jobs, and thus the UK economy would grow exponentially.   From this obviously larger base, the government would easily recoup the money it lost by decreasing taxes in the first place and the UK would become some sort of Shangri La, where everyone got paid exceptionally good wages with which they would then start yet more business with and the whole wondero