An Update on the Tadpoles/ Frogs

At last!  Over the last week or so mini frogs have started appearing around the garden.  These guys are seriously small; they would happily sit on your finger tip, so please excuse the quality of the photos which were taken with my phone.  The micro frog in the photos tried to hop out of my way when I was sweeping up after cutting the grass at the weekend, hence its covering of grass and debris.  They are seriously difficult to photograph, since they never seem to sit still for more than a second or so.  I tried to get a pic of another one amongst the newly shortened grass, but got nothing but blurry shots and pictures of where it had been a moment ago..
The attrition rate of the hundreds that leave our pond must be huge, with birds and other predators taking their toll.  Our dog, Tilly seems very interested in that area of the garden too, so I suspect that she probably consumes her share too.


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