Imagine 1911 - Ireland was still wholly part of the British Empire, and before Titanic had left Belfast!

I bought this magazine years ago, simply out of interest.  The way we were over a century ago makes interesting reading, not least when you look at the advertisements. It was a couple of quid well spent.  I thought it was about time I shared it with the world.  There will be photos of peoples ancestors in it that may well never have been seen.  The old adverts show that things like having a clutch on your motorcycle was a new and wonderful invention (page 5 and others)!  The travel stories are real gems too, like the twelve Ben's story on page 35. 

Just to show how small a place the world has become, have a look on page 21, where the Royal Hotel, Valencia, (This is a typo.  It should be Valentia), advertises that it is 'only' sixteen and a half hours from London.  Incidentally, according to Google, the hotel is still there, and the pictures of it even still look like the ones in this magazine (

No pages are missing from these scans, but a second typo in the magazine means that the printed page numbers move from 21 to 26 by turning a single sheet of paper.  There is an ad for Jaeger, pure wool pyjamas in there too.  Just what every cyclist and motorcyclist needs?  Enjoy.

Because there were 40 pages to scan, the resolution of the scans is necessarily low to save space.  Hopefully all are still readable?  If you would like a higher resolution copy of anything in here, just ask, and if you do copy these images elsewhere, please at least mention this site.


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