Christmas quiz

OK, this isn't particularly Irish, except that the Christmas season is in full swing here too, but what the hell.

If you can answer all of these without having to resort to Google, you win this year’s star prize: A smug sense of Christmas superiority.  Answers will be posted here on Sunday.



  1.  Who made Santa wear red?  
  2. Who were ‘The Greedies’?  
  3. Which singer has been on the most Christmas number one singles?
  4. What chance is there of a white Christmas (in the UK)?
  5. What Christmas carol was the first song ever broadcast?
  6. In which Christmas movie does ‘the Donald’ make an appearance?
  7. How much would you have to spend to match the most expensively dressed Christmas tree?
  8. Which Christmas movie was investigated as possible subversive by the FBI?


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