Problems, problems, problems.

It is said that problems come in threes, and this rule has certainly proved true in my transportation tribulations since the start of this year.  No sooner had I posted my last piece here about the car problems that we have suffered since New Year ’s Eve, than my Suzuki decided to join in too!

I paid a visit to my brother’s house on my way home from work at the end of last week, but when I returned to my bike to go home, the starter solenoid just clicked, and the engine would not turn over.  There had been absolutely no warning signs for this.  Since the lights and other electrical components still worked, the battery did appear to be charging.  The clicking starter solenoid, but inactive starter motor meant the problem had to be in this part of the bikes electrics.

I found a wire in this circuit where the previous owner had used a crimped connector.  It fell apart when I touched it!  Unfortunately this very crudely crimped joint is not the first bad repair that I have found on this bike, but after 2 years, I hope it may be the last.  Anyway, transport problem number 3 is now solved, and all of our vehicles are now back on the road where they belong………….for the meantime.  ;-)


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