Corona jokes

While there is a lot of trouble and sadness out there, Corona has at least brought out a lot of good jokes to counter this.  I'll post some here, and links to videos that I deem worthwhile.  Keep your eye on this post and I will update it from time to time when I get a chance.  These are unashamedly copied from elsewhere, but we all need this stuff.

Keep smiling, and keep safe.

Just heard that famous American actor John Travolta has been hospitalised with suspected corona virus.
But doctors have now confirmed now that it’s only Saturday Night fever and have assured everyone that he’s staying alive.
Apparently he had the chills and they were multiplying.



Fresh cow dung will stop COVID-19 spreading FAST.

Dip hands in fresh cow dung before going out.
This will ensure that:-

(1) You will NOT touch your eyes,nose, ear or mouth.

(2) No one will SHAKE hands.

(3) No one will come NEAR you outside.

(4) You will WASH your hands before you eat.


Sports fans take heart.  Although all sporting events are cancelled because of the Covid-19 crisis, live boxing/ wrestling matches are still available at the following venues.


Just a heads up, if you get an email from the Department for Health saying not to eat tinned pork because it contains Covid-19 ignore it. It’s spam.



If you receive an e-mail  with the Subject line. KNOCK KNOCK

It the Jehovah's Witnesses
working from home !!!



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