Bloody Amazon

Bloody Hell!! We have just had yet another delivery from Amazon for Rebecca at an address about 2 miles from here. There have been loads of them since just before Christmas. I have had 3 long, long talks to Amazon's customer services, we have personally delivered two parcels, and we have caught a load of their drivers before they left the scene, but this is the last time we are going to even try to set things right. From now on, if Amazon care to leave stuff on our doorstep that is not for us, we are going to keep it, as per their customer services instructions. The driver today said that the sat nav leads them here, and they deliver, despite neither the road name or the post code being correct. Amazon are obviously incapable of learning, and I am sick of trying to teach them.


  1. Oh dear Ian, that's pretty poor with Amazon having control over the entire supply chain and can therefore do something about it. Over here, NZ Post delivers Amazon products from the US and UK as there isn't a local warehouse. Works just fine with nary a problem 😁.

    May your 2021 woes be small ones - take care.

  2. Thanks Geoff, and happy new year.

    Did you notice the comment at the end of Amazon's message about building the world's most customer centric company? From this experience I very much doubt that. At Christmas, and after my third call, they promised that it would never happen again. Admittedly the girl lives in a new development, but why would any organisation deliver to an incorrect postcode and street name?

    Just days before Christmas when I phoned them, then were telling me to keep the parcels, yet if Rebecca who actually ordered the stuff contacted them to complain, what would the chances have been of her receiving a replacement in time to give it as a present. That is why we delivered a few of these thing on behalf of Amazon. Customer centric? I think not, and the fact that they continue to make the same error after having been asked to fix it numerous times proves that.


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