Neighbours can be such an unthinking pain in the you know what!!

 I have recently had to spend a time and money to fix a really crap bit of work by my next door neighbour. Considering he is a qualified tradesman, who has worked in the building trade all his life, I really would have expected a better, neater job. 

You could always see through the hedge between us, which wasn't a issue until they built an extension with great big bloody windows pointing straight at the boundary hedge.  Then a week or so ago, he removed a Berberis plant that was part of the hedge and put up a bit more trellis and this really crap green stuff that looks like green tinsel to block the hole he had created in the hedge.  Incidentally, notice the top piece of trellis in one of the pictures.  I had to make enough of this to go all round the garden to stop Tilly jumping the fences when she was younger, and the part he put up is identical to a piece that went missing a few years ago.  That in itself is interesting!   When putting up the trellis, he initially put the wooden struts to support it on our side of the fence!  I had to ask him to move them, which really shouldn't have been necessary either.

Then, not only is the green tinsel hideous, but he screwed some plastic netting to the fence to support it with screws that are about twice as long as the fence is thick, so the screws protrude through where Tilly (our mighty mutt) might rip the skin off herself on them.  See the photo below for details.

There are a number of screws like this sticking through his repair.  Classy or what?

Note how similar the top piece of trellis is to the piece underneath that I made!

A well finished tradesman's job.....or not.

Thirty, 2.4m strips of wood, three vertical ties, and a new fence post later. 

So, I have had to make up a slated panel and put in an extra post to support it.  To ensure that we don't have to look at his crap, I covered the back of the panel I made with weed control fabric.  That should at least keep them out, and when we grow a climber up the panel, it should look good too.  I hope they enjoy looking at their tinsel!  Any suggestions for a good climber, preferably evergreen?


  1. Hi Ian,
    Well the use of tinsel is an absolute first - at least it's green 😁. Seriously, that's an appalling piece of work from a so-called professional. I take it you're not on chatting terms over the hedge with a beer in hand! I guess that we're fortunate to have fantastic neighbours who all get on famously.

    Looking forward to the next thrilling episode........

  2. Hi Geoff,

    Hopefully there won't be a second episode on this one. :-( Relations between us and the neighbours have always been neutral rather than good, but jeez, the lack of thought or any kind of consideration on this isn't likely to help matters. Oh well, that fence faces south, so they are only cutting out more light from their own garden. Perhaps they will add some Christmas decorations to the tinsel later in the year?


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