Bloody Nokia!

 I've just sent this to their sales department.  Poor service deserves to be recognised.

Dear Nokia Sales,

Your support desk suggested that I should contact you to register my complaint.

About two weeks ago, I went onto your site to have a look at what phones you now had available since I need to replace my old Nokia S7 plus, and had been happy with it.  I decided on the G42 and tried to order off your web site.

I live in Northern Ireland, so was automatically connected to your UK site.  This much is logical, since Northern Ireland is part of the UK, yet after going through the whole order process, the site did not recognise my post code.  No errors or redirect messages showed, and I had to contact support to discover that although I live in the UK, I am supposed to order a phone from your Ireland site.  You could at least notify people of this without them having to go through the whole order process and then contact your help desk!

So, I went to the Ireland site, only to be prompted numerous times that I was actually in the UK and be asked if I wanted to return to that site.  This is your system, you need me to go to the Ireland site, you could at least then suppress those pointless messages!  I then tried to order a G42, only to find that although the phone was in stock in the UK, it was out of stock in Ireland!  I waited over a week for it eventually to come back into stock in Ireland only then to find after all this hassle, that not only is the phone more expensive in Ireland, but also that the UK offer of a free set of ear buds was not available there!  Really?  After all the additional hassle and messing around that you have imposed on me by the way you organise your sales, you then add insult to injury by wanting me to pay more and to receive less for that money.  That just sucks!

This is one customer that you are losing.



Post Script:  Strangely, although Nokia will not send me the phone directly from the UK from their web site, I discovered that they have recently opened a shop on Ebay, (they only had 34 feedback stars, so it must be pretty new).  The prices are the same on the Ebay shop as they are on their web site, and they will post to Northern Ireland from there!  It's the same people, sending the same stuff, from the same warehouse.  Why the difference in policy?  It makes no sense to me.  :-(


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